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Student ProgramProfile
Matt Hubley Architectural Engineering View
Anneke Lijs Architectural Engineering View
Scott Billard Carpentry Diploma View
Lori Rogers Carpentry Diploma View
Andy Carew Construction Management Tech View
Wasgeesic Francis Energy Sustainability Eng. Tech. View
Tanya Warrington Energy Sustainability Eng. Tech. View
Dale J. Campbell Architectural Drafting View
Adam Hater Energy Sustainability Eng. Tech. View
Trevor Rowe Energy Sustainability Eng. Tech. View
Dane Williams Carpentry Diploma View
Wanda Reno Carpentry Diploma View
Lisa Covert Carpentry Diploma View
Matt Bordian Architectural Engineering View
Jamie Ryder Carpentry Diploma View
David Pace Construction Management Tech View
Korey Craft Architectural Drafting View
Kraig Porter Energy Sustainability Eng Tech View
Niamh Bermirghem Architectural Drafting View
Ryan Malcolm Architectural Drafting View
Jonny Smith Construction & Indus. Electrical View
Nichole Stephen Carpentry Diploma View
Nathan McNeil Carpentry Diploma View
Joey Schnare Drafting - Architecture View
Courtney MacPherson Architectural Engineering Technician View
Emily Jones Architectural Engineering Technician View